“Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety per cent perspiration”.  Thomas Edison  

Genius Reserve provides the following services to meet client resourcing requirements.  Depending on your specific requirements, we are happy to discuss the options available with you and how our services can add value to your organisation.

Executive Search

Executive Search is a consultative process where we identify, entice, interview and shortlist top talented individuals in specific markets and industries, in response to the particular resourcing needs of our clients. We follow a successful methodology and focused approach.

Quick Turnaround Time, Flexibility, Robust Methodology and Competitive Fees underpin the success of the Genius Reserve Executive Search service. Every assignment is different and unique to your organisation’s needs at a specific place and time. We listen to your needs and tailor our approach to meet your requirements with candidates having the right skill set, experience (international & industry related) while being on budget.

Quick Turnaround Time

Genius Reserve guarantees delivery of a high calibre, qualified short list in the turnaround time of as little as three to four weeks. 


Genius Reserve understands that the requirements of a position can change quickly in response to your business needs. We respond with immediate alterations to candidate and role specifications and continue to partner our clients until requirements are met.

Robust Methodology

Our dynamic executive search methodology is founded in fast track, focused research, which produces an extremely high success rate for candidates with the ‘best fit’. International Executive Search requires in-depth understanding of culture and language.  Our team consists of experienced international researchers who have highly relevant knowledge of external markets and sectors. 

Competitive Fees

We value the client relationships that we build and in recognition of this our fees are competitive and negotiable based on the number of assignments placed with us and the regularity of those assignments.  We work to stringent Service Level Agreements with a number of our major clients with an exceptionally high success rate. More than 90% of Genius Reserve’s business is repeat business from satisfied multi-national client companies.


Talent Mapping

Genius Reserve’s Talent Mapping process identifies and maps individuals in relevant companies and industries according to their skills, capabilities & competencies, providing our clients with a succession pipeline and talent benchmark. 

The Genius Reserve Talent Mapping service provides you with a comprehensive overview of current and up and coming executives in specific roles and specific markets. 

Genius Reserve works fast, understanding both the urgency of your requirements and the need to identify top players. A Talent Map will show you the profiles of all executives currently performing a specific function in target organisations in a target market. We will also show candidates who could step into this role. Clients will be able to see who could fill their future resourcing needs. This is particularly important partnering with our client’s growth and expansion into new markets. 

Clients also use this service in situations where a headhunt would not be appropriate and it enables them to develop and build their external succession pipeline with top talent. Talent Mapping is also very useful to clients who drive Talent strategies such as localisation and diversity.

We guarantee a Talent Map within 3 weeks, identifying potential relevant candidates.

Genius Reserve can obtain detailed market intelligence, remuneration information and competitor employee maps anywhere in the world and this data can be manipulated to suit the clients requirements.